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Crusaders (Under 17) v Atherton Town - Match Report

Date H/A Opposition Competition Venue F A
20/03/2010 09:30 H Atherton Town League Barlow Park 2 2
Player Started/Sub/Sub Not Used Goals Yellow Red
Alex Bates Started - - -
Bill Barwood (MOM) Started - - -
Chris King Started - - -
Jack Ashton Started - - -
James Dady Started - - -
Joseph Mullan Started - - -
Kingsley Brewer Started - - -
Matthew Kay  (C) Started 1 - -
Paul Speed Started 1 - -
Lewis Byrne Not Used - - -
Samuel Banister Not Used - - -
Tom Warburton Not Used - - -
Match Report
The two players you didn't envy on this damp pitch with pools of standing water were the two goalkeepers and neither caused themselves any disgrace at all. Bill in particular was outstanding and Atherton's keeper made just the one error, sliding out of his area to give away the free-kick which led to the second Crusaders' goal.
It was touch and go whether the game would go ahead but the pitch was still firm and both managers and the referee agreed it wasn't unsafe. The water made passing difficult and it was no surprise that it took a handball in the box to give Matthew the chance to open the scoring from the spot. Atherton had a number of good chances before equalising with a soft goal when the Crusaders failed to clear.
It was six minutes into the second half when the Panthers' keeper fell foul of the slippery surface and Paul hit a gem of a free-kick which dipped just under the bar. It only took two minutes for the Panthers to equalise Bill standing no chance from a close range shot. Both keepers then dominated with a number of good saves and claims. The Crusaders had to finish the game with 8 players when Paul couldn't continue after a tackle from the keeper and Joseph nearly stole the match when he deflected Matthew's free-kick inches wide with his knee.
Man of the Match contenders were Chris who was almost faultless and brave in the tackle and Paul and Matthew who carried significant attacking threat, but it was Bill's commanding performance that won it.
Final Score- Crusaders 2-2 Panthers.