Bromley Cross FC

Crusaders (Under 17) v Moses Gate FC - Match Report

Date H/A Opposition Competition Venue F A
05/04/2014 10:00 H Moses Gate FC League John Street 6 3
Player Started/Sub/Sub Not Used Goals Yellow Red
Ashley Hutton Started 2 - -
Bill Yarwood Started 1 - -
Chris King Started - - -
Clayton Parry Started - - -
Jack Ashton Started - - -
Jack Ayres Started - - -
Lewis Byrne Started - - -
Matthew Kay  (C) Started 1 - -
Paul Speed Started - - -
Sam Grady Started 1 - -
Callum Gore Sub 1 - -
Cameron Skeith Sub - - -
James Dady Sub - - -
Macauley Gore Sub - - -
Taylor Jones Sub - - -
Match Report
Never has a victory seemed so hollow and undeserved as this match which should have been a walkover for the Crusaders, proved anything but.
We already knew that the Avengers were short of players and agreed to play with 10, but their 8 men played with such comittment and desire that you could hardly tell which was 2 men short. The Avengers were ahead within a minute pouncing on some hesitancy in the Crusaders' defence and it took Sam, pouncing on a rebound to level the score. The Crusaders couldn't take advantage of their numerical advantage with a combination of poor passing and spurned chances and the score remained level till half time .
As the Avengers began to tire the Crusaders managed to edge into the lead through Matthew and Ash before Bill scored with his least convincing shot of the game. Not to be beaten the 8 men hit back with a brace of goals before Matthew set up Callum to put the match beyond them.
Despite being outnumbered the Avengers gave an extremely good account of themselves and the score flattered the Crusaders. Had the five chances that hit the post and bar gone in, the Crusaders would have been out of sight but that would have been unfair on the Avengers whose makeshift striker David ran the Crusaders ragged and was selected as man-of-the-match for BOTH teams! .
Final score Crusaders 6-3 MG Avengers.