Bromley Cross FC

Crusaders (Under 17) v Atherton Town - Match Report

Date H/A Opposition Competition Venue F A
08/10/2011 11:00 A Atherton Town League Howe Bridge Sports Centre 7 3
Player Started/Sub/Sub Not Used Goals Yellow Red
Aidan Lavin Started - - -
Bill Yarwood Started 1 - -
Callum Gore Started 2 - -
Chris King Started - - -
Clayton Parry (MOM) Started - - -
Jack Ashton Started - - -
James Dady Started - - -
Matthew Kay  (C) Started 2 - -
Paul Speed Started 1 - -
Sam Grady Started 1 - -
Samuel Banister Started - - -
Match Report
This was a strange game and I'm not sure how we managed to win by such a comfortable margin.
Neither side established any control in midfield with many passes to the opposition and both defences panicked when put under pressure. It was in attack where the Crusaders showed the better composure with the Panthers tending to rely on shots from distance which, despite the slippery ball, Clayton had little trouble dealing with. Callum showed control and a range of passing that his team mates would be well advised to copy and set up goals for Bill and Matthew as well as scoring two himself. Matthew was his usual industrious self setting up three and scoring two but was also inclined to walk into tackles.
Paul and Sam picked up injuries during the game and with no substitutes they were forced to play on. The Panthers continued to pressurise the Crusaders defence for the last quarter of the game but barring a few nervous moments were unable to breach Clayton's defences more than the once while allowing the Crusaders to score three times.
The confidence that Clayton gives the defenders in front of him is quite evident and the controlled handling of the barrage of shots that came his way earned him the man-of-the-match just ahead of Callum.

Final Score:- Atherton Town Panthers 3-7 Crusaders.